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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Playing Catch-Up

Really??? Has it been almost two whole months since I have posted anything in my blog!! Life has been so BUSY!! A lot has happened and changed since I last blogged. I will do a quick update on everything and what we have been up to these last two months!

 So after 2 years of working in what I like to think as the most amazing place with the most amazing people, I had to say goodbye.... It was probably one of the hardest things I have done in my life this far! These women are amazing and I miss them every single day! I know they are busy at work taking care of our little angels! They, along with the kiddos, changed me and my life! I don't think they will ever know just how much they impacted me and Luis! 
 My hubby made it!!! After 5 long years he walked across that stage and received his bachelor degree in Computer Informations :) I am so proud of him and can not wait to see where this degree takes him! We are praying that God leads him to the right job soon :)
 The day after graduation we had a big move! We moved from Tyler, Tx to Sulphur,La :) My family came up and helped us pack up and get down there. We seriously could not have done it without them ((I had a lot of stuff!!!)) It was such a bittersweet goodbye to ETX, leaving some amazing people there, but gaining the luxury of seeing family every single day here! I am so thankful we hold a good relationship with those we left in Tyler, and we can visit them often :)
Tyler is where Luis and I established our marriage! We were basically alone for two years, We didnt have alot to run to if we got into an argument, we just had to work it out! I am so thankful for that! Being in a town where we didn't know alot of people, I believe helped make us who we are as a married couple:) I will for sure miss the apartments that we have lived in for the last years. They were amazing and never once did I feel unsafe there! The staff was awesome and there is truly not one thing I could complain about in the two years we were there! ((I will not miss paying rent though)) ;)
 I legally became a Louisiana resident ASAP!! :)

As soon as we got to Louisiana, we hit the ground running! I started a new job the Thursday following the move. Luis transferred to the Toys R Us over here until he can find a job! It seems like every weekend we have been home we have been busy little bees!

We celebrated Bradley and Calebs birthdays, In Erath! It was a splish,splash party and we had a blast!:)
 We drove back to Tyler, for a wedding we were in for our friends, Troy and Kayla. Above is me and my bestieeee Seana :)
 Here is me and Lu at the reception! i LOVE him!!

It was a good weekend, BUSY though! We had so much fun catching up, even though it had only been three weeks. We managed to squeeze in a quick visit with Luis' mom.

The following weekend we were lucky enough to keep my cousins foster twins while her and her husband ran off to a quick get-a-way! I am in LOVE with them! They were a handful, but soooo GOOD! I was one tired MeaMea after that weekend! Hats off to you Leslie and Charles for not being walking zombies, because you do this EVERYDAY!!! Thanks again for trusting us with them the entire weekend!
 AND finally this past weekend we threw a baby shower for my cousin Morgan, who will have a precious baby girl in August of this year! YAYYY It was so fun and cute! I loved helping out with it! I so wish I could just plan parties ALL the time! :) 

So now that I am crying all over again thinking about all we left in ETx and how emotional and amazing these last two months have been! You see how I have not had a lot of "spare" time to blog. But I am finally in a routine and should be able to post more and more as I catch up on life:)

Please pray with us as we trust God in leading Luis to the job he is suppose to be in!:)